The formation of well-balanced personalities depends upon the well-rounded education of the whole man, body and soul, through the constant exercise of both natural and supernatural virtues.

Arts - Music & Singing

Queen of Angels Academy, an emphasis is given to the arts, especially to music and singing, which refine and temper youth's sensibilities.


Physical training provide opportunities of burning off the students’ excess energy while teaching them to live in harmony with their fellow students. Through regular recess periods and physical education class, Queen of Angels Athletic Program’s primary purpose is the development of a child's character recognizing that this is of the utmost importance. Athletics, in combination with their academics, accomplishes precisely this goal.  Children should be challenged through experiencing success and failure so that they are prepared for life’s challenges.  Furthermore, they learn the value of working with others through team work. It was best said by a renowned Greek philosopher “You can learn more about the character of a young man in one hour of play, than in a year of conversation” -Plato

Performing Arts

Last, but certainly not least, skits and plays are scheduled throughout the academic year. These stage productions, whether simply entertaining or of great literary significance, give students opportunities to learn dramatic skills and experience some of the world’s great literature in a first-hand manner.