Our Children

First Day of School

Beginning this coming Fall 2024, we will now accept children from kindergarten to 12th grade. Each child is the object of individual attention on the part of our staff. We recognize that each child learns differently. Differentiated education is a cherished goal at our school. Resources are in place to support this particular aspect of our program.

Boys and girls wear a simple school uniform and they are taught together in mixed classrooms through high school - with some comprehensive courses.  We do insist upon the necessity of parental cooperation in the education of their children.  Home and school are not competing entities, but share the same common goal of developing a healthy Christian mind in a healthy body. 

Wonderful Student to Staff Ratio

We have a present enrollment of 83 students.  Our staff consists of 15 members.  This translates into a wonderful student to staff ratio of 5 to 1.  With this extremely favorable situation, special attention is able to be focused not only to those who are struggling, but also to our gifted students.