Of the many students who have passed through the doors of our beloved academy, some have shared with us the great and lasting impact their education here has had on their lives. Parents of current students, as well, tell us of the benefits their children and families are reaping through their association with Queen of Angels.

"I can’t begin to describe the positive impact that attending Queen of Angels Academy! I attended the academy my whole life K-12 and now the church and school are my favorite place on earth! The comfort and peace that being there brings me is one of the best things of my life. I’m so happy to have to knowledge of the faith that I was taught and to be comfortable around the priests is truly a blessing as well! I felt protected from outside modern forces that other types of schools can bring and was provided a more individualized education that in turn better prepared me for college! Lastly, the sacred music that was taught to me is THE reason why I feel so close to my faith. My grandmother always said that music is praying twice and I firmly felt that. So much that it has inspired me to be in the choir for the past 15 years. I hope to be able to give my future children the same opportunities that Queen of Angels Academy has given me."

Christina Edinburgh-class of 2019


"My siblings and I still have fond memories from when we attended Queen of Angels during elementary and middle school. We had dedicated and reverent teachers, including nuns and priests that gave us great religious formation that has lasted into our adulthood. The smaller classes gave us more one on one with the teacher. As well as life long friendships with our classmates. We thrived with our religious and spiritual activities throughout the year. I think being there for those years helped me stay a faithful Catholic throughout college and into adulthood and for that I'm forever grateful." 

Rebecca Burshe - alumni