High School Trip to Ecuador

Source: Queen of Angels Academy

High School travels to Ecuador for Our Lady of Buen Suceso Pilgrimage

Among the many who attended the pilgrimage to Our Lady of Buen Suceso in Ecuador were some of the high school students from Queen of Angels Academy. 

The students started every day with early morning rosary, novena, and Mass. Following breakfast, the students met the rest of the pilgrims at a nearby church around the historical city of Quito. After the exciting and educational morning and lunch, the students had fun events of their own scheduled such as visiting the equator, and riding cable cars up to the high mountains and volcanos around Quito. Horseback riding was a unanimous favorite among the students. In the evening, conferences were given, and a music practice was held for the proceeding day. The rest of the evening was free for dinner and some time for socializing. 

The eight days spent in Ecuador were very exciting and informative for the students. We enjoyed our meals in the company of priests and other pilgrims. Coffee in the morning was a great time for socializing and stalking up on energy before the morning activities. The last day of the novena entailed a city-wide procession and celebration banquet before getting on a plane and heading back to Texas.  

submitted by - Giana S. (11th grade)